Corporate Overview

Founded in 2017, we are generally focused on businesses in the business services, healthcare, online businesses, and specialty goods industries valued $7.5MM - $30MM in enterprise value. Primary characteristics sought are companies with high recurring revenue / predictable cash flow where the founder will stay on as an equity holder. Together with our SBIC and BDC lending partners, Surge provides entrepreneurs with higher enterprise value and investors with higher yields and greater accessibility through lower investment minimums. Surge primarily invests in companies where the seller will remain on board in an ongoing capacity. We take majority equity positions in our investments with sellers and lenders typically having minority interests. Surge invests in businesses where we and our operating partners can augment the expertise of the current management team.


  • LTM EBITDA - capex: $1.5-7MM

  • Enterprise Value of $7-30MM

  • Online Businesses, Business Services, Healthcare, and Specialty Manufacturing

  • Recurring Revenue

  • Low Customer Concentration


  • Differentiated Leverage Structures

  • Recapitalizations

  • Management Buyouts

  • Securing Cash Flow Based Debt Financing